Over the Counter

 Lonsinger Pharmacy Over the Counter

An over the counter medication is medicine that may be directly sold to the public without a written prescription. At Lonsinger Pharmacy we have a wide selection of over the counter products to help you stay healthy and conquer any ailments that pop up in daily life.


Along with the finest name brand products we also carry off-brand medications that compare to the leading brands at a much lower cost.


Some over the counter products you can expect to find are:

  • Cough Cold & Allergy
  • Oral Care
  • First Aid & Wound Care
  • Vitamins & Herbal Supplements
  • Pain Relief
  • Foot Care
  • Calorad®
  • Biofreeze®
  • Free Kids Vitamin Program
  • Poison Ivy Pills
  • Specialty Vitamins
  • Pharmacist Consultation

Lonsinger Pharmacy Over the Counter
Seasonal allergies hit millions of people all different times of the year. Allergy sufferers looking for relief at our local pharmacy are faced with many product choices. When choosing the right over the counter allergy medicine for you, you first need to recognize and understand your symptoms. Then, learn what medicines are available over the counter, how each medicine works, and which symptoms each type of medicine is designed to treat. When in doubt you can ask our knowledgeable pharmacists and they will assist you with any questions you may have.


It can be really scary to a parent when their child becomes ill and getting into the doctor is almost always our first resort. Running to the doctor every time your child has the sniffles however can become costly and a big hassle.  The Pharmacists here at Lonsinger Pharmacy have knowledge on what products to use to get your little one feeling better when they have an issue that’s not severe.  Getting rid of a cold or attacking mild symptoms before they get out of control can make the difference in your body’s recovery time.


Stop in and see why Lonsinger Pharmacy is a great choice when selecting your over the counter products.