Welcome to Lonsinger Pharmacy Online!

Lonsinger Pharmacy has been a part of Utica Ohio’s heritage for many years and we are happy to say that although times have changed our great customer service and support has stayed the same. We still run a pharmacy with an experienced staff and have many other departments throughout our store for our customer convenience.

Get your RX refills online, your prescriptions filled quickly, and feel free to browse through our stunning gift and collectible area while you wait! Don’t forget to pick up a snack in our goody aisle on your way to the counter. We have something for everyone!


In our Media Center at Lonsinger Pharmacy we offer fax and copying services for a small fee. Conveniently send or copy your projects from our local store with no need to buy your own equipment, ink or toner.

Our digital picture Kiosk is an in-store printing center packed with advanced ways to refine, use and share photos. Just feed your camera’s memory card into the machine and then use a touch screen to select the digital photo prints you would like to order. You can do cropping and red eye correction on the spot. Use our local printing center to get your photos done quickly, without having to leave Utica!

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